Dog’s name: Moose

Location: St. Augustine, Fl

General obedience: He was very fast at learning general obedience and leash walking. We put him in the puppy classes at Petco which helped a great deal. We are lucky to have a friend that also helps with training. She is a certified trainer. He is very stubborn and very loveable.

Potty training: Moose learned very fast, but he is a Saint Bernard Border Collie Mix, so he is very intelligent. We crate trained him and he naturally fell into line. We try to have consistent times that they go out. First thing in the am, then again around noon, six pm and right before we go to bed. This seems to create a routine that they are happy with.

Dog’s name: Kansas

Location: Missouri, USA, Cape Fair – The Ozark Mountains

General obedience: She’s great. My Saint is a very sweet and mellow dog. She loves taking walks.

Potty training: There really wasn’t much involved. She just automatically went outside when I brought her home and let her out. She’s very good about always going to the very edge of the yard.