Dog’s name: Tsukasa

Location: Center Line, Michigan, USA

General obedience: She obeys very well and is a fast learner because she’s so smart! She knows three different commands for ‘sit’: “Butt on floor!”, “Sit”, and a silent hand motion. She can also tell the difference between “Get up!” and “Hop up!” – ‘get up’ for getting up and off the bed or chair she may be laying on and ‘hop up’ to come join me on the bed or chair. They sound enough alike that even my husband can get confused which ones I’m saying, but she never does!

I actually don’t have her on leash a lot as there’s a good dog park close to my home and we have a large yard. Instead I’ve taught her to ‘stay close’ to me and not run off further than about 15 feet.

Potty training: I got my dog when she was about month old and already well on her way to being potty trained to go outside. So I didn’t have to worry as much about that. House breaking her was a slightly different matter. She loved to chew and I had to break her of that habit within the first couple months of having her.
Usually if I found something she’d been chewing on, I would take her over to it, hold her nose to it so she could get the scent again (something drew her to the chair leg or whatever it may have been, right?) and then bop her on the nose saying firmly ‘no’. If I caught her WHEN she was chewing on something, and it was something small enough, I took the item and held it inside her mouth, pressing it gently back against her teeth to the point she couldn’t chomp down. And when she tried to pull away, I moved the item with her. It didn’t hurt her, but it made her uncomfortable enough that she got the idea not to chew or bite relatively quickly and she’s never bitten anyone or anything since she learned.