Dog’s name: Mieko

Location: Canada

General obedience: Our dog became sad and depressed when we first put the leash on her. It wasn’t until she realized the leash meant freedom in that we could go outside did she see the leash as a good thing. She learned obedience and tricks quickly. She learned to sit/lie down/roll over and speak. The biggest thing here is the importance of repetition. Continue to review and remind them. And food is an amazing motivator.

Potty training: Our dog learned to potty train quickly. As a puppy we kept her in her kennel and then we let her outside to go. She quickly learned that she was to go outside for potty breaks. We kept her confined to the kitchen as that was the easiest place to clean up. We learned that even though she learned fast, she was still a puppy and got excited and accidents do happen. We allowed her access to the other rooms too quickly.

Dog’s name: Callie

Location: Illinois USA

General obedience: Our dog is a whimp, but loves to explore. She listens to us, and never runs away, but it is hard to get her attention when there is a distraction like another dog around. We have had a hard time learning how to get her to focus.

Potty training: It was easy to teach my dog to tell us when she had to go out to pee. The hard part was teaching her to control herself when she gets excited. We have to make sure that when a new person comes home we take her out so she doesn’t piddle on the floor.