Dog’s name: Elvis

Location: Las Vegas Nevada

General obedience: He is very good walking on a leash and is very well behaved

Potty training: I got him when he was all ready a year old so he was all ready house trained.

Dog’s name: Winnie

Location: Toms River, NJ, USA

General obedience: She’s generally good when we walk although she does pull her lead on occasion. She also gets distracted easily and does not always listen to commands.

Potty training: Potty training her was very easy. We started her on pee pee pads when she was very small and she learned quickly. The trick is to start them when they are little.

Dog’s name: Zack

Location: New England

General obedience: He will only walk with a leash. Even if we take it off and let him walk up the steps, he won’t do it!

Potty training: He picked it up easy. Just be consistent and dedicated.

Dog’s name: Princess

Location: Bahamas

General obedience: Smart dog. Very grumpy at times.

Potty training: No. She eventually learned through…she use to crap everywhere

Dog’s name: Gadget

Location: Poughkeepsie, NY

General obedience: My dog is well trained. He is very obedient. He comes when called and sits when told. He learned very fast and is very loveable.

Potty training: My dog uses the puppy pads. They do not have to go outside they go into the corner and go to the bathroom on the pads. It took a little less than a week to train them.

Dog’s name: Logan

Location: Mesquite,NV USA

General obedience: Obedience training was very easy. I took her to obedience class and she was the star of the show. Obedience class wasn’t for her, it was for me. We’d go to class and the instructor would put us through the paces and I would come home and we would work on what we learned all week. We began with her getting the feel of having a leash on by attaching it to her collar and letting her play and drag it around. We then progressed to my holding the leash and walking w/her firmly at my side. She also learned to stop and sit when I stopped walking We would practice this each time we went to the park. Lots of stop-n-go until she just did it automatically. She would do anything for her duck treats, so training her was very easy. Sit,stay,down,come,fetch all followed. The two most important commands were to me were “come”, so I could have good recall and ‘leave it’ so she wouldn’t go near anything that may be potentially dangerous.

Potty training: I got my dog when she was only 6 wks. old and not even remotely housetrained. I suspect she was in a barn because whenever I took her out to go, she headed straight into a pile of leaves. I would use piddle pads in the house and she caught on quickly what they were to be used for. As she got the general idea, I would decrease the amount I would lay out. I’d still take her outdoors very often and eventually, she stopped using the piddle pads and was able to hold it until I could take her out. This took approx. 6 wks. I’ll still put piddle pads down on rainy/snowy nights , which isn’t often since we live in the desert.

Dog’s name: Butch

Location: fall river, ma

General obedience: He learned very fast. We got him at a young age(2 months) and started training him quickly. He is very quiet because we trained him to be a companion animal for my disabled father and taught him that barking is for emergencies or when something is wrong.

Potty training: He learned quickly. I started with a specific area in the house to keep him at night and would take him out every few hours. I then slowly decreased the space and increased the time between him going outside. Once he was housebroken I trained him to go to the door if he needed to go outside for emergencies.

Dog’s name: Pepper

Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA

General obedience: Stubborn but loveable. When it comes to leash walking, Pepper was horrible. I felt he had ADD. Till this day, it is hard to walk him on a leash.

Potty training: Pepper was a great puppy, he was a fast learner, willing to please and very smart. I started training him as a puppy and followed a strict schedule. At first, I was walking him 5 times a day, then gradually started walking him only 3 times a day. Positive reinforcement is the key. NEVER yell at or hit a shih tzu.

Dog’s name: Tisoy

Location: Philippines

General obedience: Tisoy is generally obedient, and that’s what we love most about him. He isn’t the type to chase whatever catches his fancy, he just barks. In fact, he has never broken his leash.

Potty training: Potty training Tisoy was easy. We were lucky he learned quickly. We just walked him to his designated area and in less than a week, he got it.

Dog’s name: Oreo

Location: Raleigh, NC

General obedience: In the beginning, we used treats as incentive to get him to sit or listen to a command. We now do not have to offer a treat in order for him to listen. At times, he can be stubborn and does not always listen immediately but he will eventually do as told.

Potty training: It was difficult at first. He had quite a few accidents in the beginning but after a few months, it was easy. He learned to go to the door to ask to get out for a potty break. We offered treats to him when he went potty outside and reinforced the good behavior.

Dog’s name: Kabuki

Location: Philippines

General obedience: One good show in National Geographic channel is the Dog Whisperer. If you want hardcore techniques regarding general obedience, etc, I highly recommend this show. Anyway, my dog learns fast especially because I think that follow through and consistency would make it automatic for my dog. Since he’s good, and very good indeed, he is very lovable.

Potty training: Most of my dog training comes from the videos I watched on Youtube and some tips from my friends. The basic training is the reward system. Every time your dog does something favorable to what I want, I give him some dog food (not too many as compared to a meal so as not to ruin his routine). I also give him some tap/rub on his head. Always consider that animals also have emotions and they love being rewarded. A note of caution though, DO NOT OVER SPOIL your dog. He must still know that you are his master. Always pose confidence when interacting.

Dog’s name: Milo

Location: CA, US, Victorville

General obedience: He was very well behaved from the beginning. Never had any obedience issues with him. The only problem was if he saw another dog across the street when walking him w/ a leash he would bark and try to move towards the other dog but if you pulled the leash back a bit, he’d stop and continue walking in your direction after a few seconds.

Potty training: I got the got when he was 6 weeks old and the first night he peed in my bed, but after that I just took him outside for his potty time and when he went potty outside i gave him a treat and pet him and he learned in about a month to never go potty inside.

Dog’s name: Pablo

Location: Within city limits, but right on the edge.

General obedience: Pablo listens very well to me. However, when he is on a leash, he does like taking control and ends up making himself choke. I live on 2 1/2 acres, so he is very used to going outside without being on a leash. He is very stubborn, but loveable… he tends to scratch at blankets to fluff them up… I tell him no, he stops. About a minute or two later, he’ll be at it again. 🙂

Potty training: He did learn pretty quickly – I bought him when he was 6 months old (he’ll be 9 in May) and when he would have an accident in the house, I took him outside right away so he knew that’s what he was supposed to do. I always tried to catch him while peeing on the carpet… when that happened, I’d pick him up and take him outside right away.

Dog’s name: Puppy

Location: Ontario, Canada.

General obedience: She’s pretty good all around and I don’t remember having any issues with training when she was a pup. She was a very easy dog to train from what I remember. Her walking’s pretty great and she walks closely for the most part. Off-leash she is also generally very good.

Potty training: It was fairly easy but it did take some time. I just used regular old newspapers and laid them in the same spot of my room every night. Once she had it though, she had it. No accidents after that.

Dog’s name: Corey

Location: Iowa, US

General obedience: He does very well in general obedience. He’s a fast learner but has anxiety issues.

Potty training: He was very hard to housebreak and has relapses occasionally 4 years later. I learned that the method of tethering him to my leg while he’s in the house works well.