Dog’s name: Fionn

Location: Brandon,Manitoba, Canada

General obedience: good overall, but as a husky, he tends to want to pull, heeling has been a challenge.

Potty training: easy to housebreak, learned fast. Best tip is to put your dog outside right after he eats, when he has the natural urge to go.

Dog’s name: Bernard

Location: Orlando, Florida

General obedience: He is learning fast. He’s very good dog i love him and he is very loveable.

Potty training: It was easy. It took little time for me to train my dog.

Dog’s name: Mocha

Location: Alabama, USA

General obedience: He learns fast, but he’s stubborn. He’ll do what he’s told, but he will still get on the furniture, take food off the counters. Leash walking is the only walking we can do with him. If he gets out without a leash he’s like a mad dog and runs non-stop until he literally collapses. Leash walking he pulls, hard. It’s always a work out for us to walk him.

Potty training: It was hard at first. It took us a long time to understand his quiet attention seeking was his notice he needed to go outside. Once we realized his subtle cues the potty training was a lot easier.

Dog’s name: Emma

Location: Harrodsburg, KY, USA

General obedience: My dog is very strong and like to pull on the leash. I tried all sorts of training methods but nothing worked. In the end I purchased a leash that went over the nose and that has stopped her pulling. She is generally obedient if she listens, unfortunately she tunes out when excited!

Potty training: It was really hard to train my dog. I tried puppy pads but she peed on them then shred them. Eventually she realized that if she went potty outside she got a treat rather than told off.

Dog’s name: Tasha

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

General obedience: Tasha was a little bit reticent at first to accrpt the leash but ith a little bit of cheese and patience she finally accepted it and to this day she and I still take 2-3 walks a day every day.

Potty training: Tasha was extremely hard to train. I wish I would have used a crate for her potty training because even today at 14 years old she still is not fully trained even though she is trying very hard. As for “house breaking” which to me means not to chew on everything in sight, she was relatively easy to switch from chewing shoes or whatever by replacing with raw hide bones which she still enjoyes tremendously

Dog’s name: Loki

Location: Kansas, USA

General obedience: He learned most general obedience very quickly – he’s very motivated by food. He learned sit on the first day I had him, and it didn’t take long to teach him down and wait. However, overcoming his natural husky instinct to pull was much harder, and required a lot of work.

Potty training: Potty training my dog was moderately difficult, especially since he was my first dog. Teaching him to go on command wasn’t that hard; however, teaching him to let me know when he needed to go outside was difficult. If he needed to go, he would just go into another room where I couldn’t see him and relieve himself. Eventually I taught him to “speak,” and then every time I would take him outside, I would make him speak beforehand. He eventually made the connection and learned to bark when he needed to go out.

Dog’s name: Comet

Location: North Carolina

General obedience: We live in the country, so he seldom walks on a leash. He has seemed to learn fast. He is VERY stubborn, but oh, so loveable since that is a part of his personality.

Potty training: He stays outside so he is not house trained.

Dog’s name: Astor

Location: Kocani, Macedonia

General obedience: Most of the time he wants to run and I can’t hold him. But if I let him and he runs for like 15-20 minutes, then he is calm and is doing whatever I tell him

Potty training: The training wasn’t hard. I just used his favorite food as a reward when he’d do something as he should. On the beginning he wouldn’t listen me at all. But that was until he realized that for every good thing he would do, he’ll get a reward. After he realized that, he started to enjoy listening me and his reward.

Dog’s name: Glacier

Location: Clarksville, TN

General obedience: He was very stubborn at leash walking. He likes to pull alot, but eventually he did learn.

Potty training: It was hard to potty train him. We rescued him when he was five months old and he seemed very stubborn and didn’t want to follow the “rules” of the house. I would take him outside every 15 minutes and he’d come in and go “potty” and we’d take him back out and tell him no and when he would go outside, he would get a treat.

Dog’s name: Foxygurl

Location: New Brunswick, Canada

General obedience: Huskies love to pull, and although I can hold her back, you can feel the strength when you are walking her. She loves to run. She listens to basic commands and it was easy to train her as I provided treats as a reward for each command followed. After a while, she no longer required a treat to listen.

Potty training: It was fairly easy. I watched for trends in her habits. She often got up and would sniff the floor, as if to find an area to go… I would take that opportunity to take her outside, she would eventually just go to the door and bark.