Dog’s name: Mirza

Location: We live in Casablanca, Morocco. My dog is living with me in my apartment.

General obedience: My poodle is very smart, but she’s also very stubborn. She knows exactly what I want her to do, but if she’s just not feeling like doing it, she simply won’t obey. We don’t really have a master-dog relationship, we are more like good friends, so I just leave her alone when she’s not feeling like doing something. As for leash walking, I’ve never had any problems with that, except when she meets cats or other dogs and gets excited, she would sometimes try to walk away.

Potty training: Potty training was rather easy. I was actually amazed at how fast my poodle picked up on where I wanted her to go potty (that is outside) as she was already 5 year old when I took her in (a friend of my father was moving and couldn’t take her with him) and had never been potty trained before since she used to live outside. It came naturally, she simply waits until I take her outside, she would potty right away in the same spot every time.

Dog’s name: Bongo

Location: Sweden

General obedience: Our dog is a stubborn, bitter dog that has his moodswings and he does not always behave well. When he is in a bad mood we usually just let him be, its easier that way. He usually hides under a bed or a table when that happens so its quite easy. When it comes to leash walking he sometimes think he is a big dog and can go wherever he wants, thats not true so we never have any problems with that and because of that we never really done anything to change this. He has a problem with his legs so sometimes when he stops walking and dont want to go further its because he is in pain, and we cant yell at him then. He has his moments, but when he is in a good mood, he is absolutely adorable!

Potty training: When he first came to us he was a little bit nervous and sometimes “accidents” happened, but after a little while he too became ashamed as if he knew that was wrong. It was like he initially knew those things were taken care of outside. When he became more safe with us he started to tell us when he needed to go out and that was that. We never really trained him, it just happen. Nowadays “accidents” can still happen, but only if something really scares him or anything like that. But hey, accidents can happen to us too if we get really scared.

Dog’s name: Molly

Location: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

General obedience: My Standard Poodle, Molly, didn’t need much obedience training at all. I took her to one obedience class and the instructor used her as an example for the rest of the class. Standard Poodles are very smart. Another good thing about them is that they are retriever dogs. You can have them off the leach and they will not run away. Molly always makes sure she knows exactly where I am. She just does not stray off. But, of course, sometimes you need a leash to ensure your dog doesn’t get hit by a car. Molly learned very quickly. She’s a dream of a dog.

Potty training: My Standard Poodle, Molly, was potty trained very quickly. She does have a hangup about where she does #2. Basically, she hates to do that anywhere but in my backyard. Which is fine, most of the time. If we’re on a long trip I can tell she has an issue of not wanting to do #2. As far as basic potty training, when she was a puppy and had an accident in the house, I just took her immediately to where she was supposed to go to the bathroom, and she eventually learned to ask to go outside.

Dog’s name: Coby

Location: Brighton, Michigan

General obedience: He always pulls on the leash and wants to walk ahead, but loves to be around people. He learned pretty fast and it was awesome.

Potty training: It was hard at first and he constantly peed inside of the house, but he has since learned to go to the bathroom outside and has been really great.

Dog’s name: Bella

Location: Michigan

General obedience: Bella always wants to race ahead when I am walking her. I taught her to walk with me and now she does. She learned very fast again. She is very smart! 🙂

Potty training: It was hard at first and Bella went potty all over the house, but I had to be strict and teach her what is right from wrong. She now has no problems with potty training. She learned fairly fast!