Dog’s name: Ronin

Location: Skopje, Republic of Macedoina

General obedience: When you go outside for a walk newer give him to lead the way, the should follow. If he learn this thing thing as a pappy, the control of your dog when is grown is bigger.
It’s good for you to arrange terms foe walking every day at the same time, and the dog will know that. When you are out the dog should loose his energy. LESS problems at home.

Potty training: Training: When you take the dog as a pappy, first of all is that you need to specify his space for sleeping (if you keep him inside). Then the pappy need to learn is his name, when it’s called to come. Second things to learn is were is his place for eating and toilet. But the most important thing that the puppy should learn is to recognize his Owner (Boss). If you are a for example more than one member in the family, only one is the boss not all of you.
Advice: Don’t let him sleep whit you in the bad, Or if he sleeps he should sleeps near your legs. When you have a lunch newer give him food of the table. Ana always first eat the BOSS (the owner) then the DOG.

House Braking: When the first teeth comes out on the dog they are itchy, therefore the pappy need to chew anything. so, the advice is more toys nothing else. If hes running making mess all around the house. At the same moment shout very loud (something, anything)but only 1 sec and that’s all, in order to scare him. NOT CONSTANTLY SCREAMING. So he will know that what he is doing is bad.