Dog’s name: Robo

Location: Fallston, Maryland USA

General obedience: Robo is very obedient and does not need to be walked on a leash. He will stay near me when we go outside. If he starts to stray, I just have to call his name and he quickly returns to my side. He is very affectionate and fun loving. He is also anxious to please and will sit or lay down next to me for hours.

Potty training: Robo learned extremely quickly. It was very easy to house break him. Toy fox terriers are very intelligent and respond well to voice commands. I put him on a regular schedule to go outside. Usually within 15 minutes after he ate and then every 2 hours when he was first brought home for a period of 2 weeks. Gradually, I extended the time and now he knows exactly when we will be taking a trip outdoors.