Dog’s name: shadow

Location: pa

General obedience: my dog learns quickly here too. he looks at us when we walk him to make sure he is in step and aware of where we are and what we are doing.

Potty training: My dog learned extremely quickly. i took him out every two hours and rewarded him for going outside, but did not punish him during the few accidents he did have. he was trained within three days.

Dog’s name: Chloe

Location: Blaine, Minnesota

General obedience: Chloe is not leash trained. I put the flexi-leash in back pocket and let her go where ever. Our previous peke-a-poo Opie was much better on the leash, and always walked on left side, and ‘heeled’.

Potty training: She learned fairly fast. Kenneled her when possible, and she never messed in there.

Dog’s name: Ella

Location: Killeen Texas

General obedience: She can be stubborn with the leash, and she was definately stubborn when she was a puppy but she is pretty good now. Most of the time, I let her walk right outside out door and use the bathroom without a leash since she listens very well and comes backs when called.

Potty training: I would have to say it took me sadly almost 2 years to get Ella fully potty trained. When I got Ella it was actually, because my roomate could not take care of her anymore. I at the time was a fulltime college student and working and did not have the time to dedicate to potty training her. Now that I am married and currently a stay at home wife, she has a routine and she rarely uses the bathroom inside the house. If she does, it is usually just a poop and not pee.

Dog’s name: Shaggy

Location: Erie, Pa United States

General obedience: Shaggy didnt need a leash when you walk him. He just walks right next to you and doesnt chase people or other dogs. One time I had the front door open and Shaggy just sat at the door looking outside. I could tell he wanted to go out because he just kept looking back at me but he wasnt going to go without permission.

Potty training: My dog was actually a stray. We took him in and he was already potty trained. He is a very smart dog and you could tell that he came from a home that taught him things. The only time he has ever went potty in the house was when no one was home and he didnt have a way outside. Even then it was close to the door like he knows he was suppose to be outside.

Dog’s name: Candy

Location: montreal, quebec, canada

General obedience: Candy learned to walk slightly behind me, even without a leash. She is a fast learner… learned to sit, give the paw, lay down, etc very quickly. The only thing she is stubborn on is barking and crying when I’m not home. I’ve been trying to train her not to for quite a long time, and she still doesn’t listen… but she is so cute it’s hard to be mad at her!

Potty training: My dog has been going on a pad since she was born, it was very easy to get her to understand this as she was trained since birth.

Dog’s name: abbey

Location: we live in a suburban zone

General obedience: it’s really easy to walk with her cause she is obedient

Potty training: well it was to trainning her cause she use to pee inside but we have other big dog who go to the door and we know she wants to go out for peeing, and i think she learned from her and now she does the same as the big sister.