Dog’s name: Ruby

Location: Manchester

General obedience: Generally, she is very well behaved and great to walk. She pulls more if she didn’t go for a walk the day before, which she can’t really be blamed for. She does, however, very occasionally have a stubborn streak, where she absolutely point blank refuses to do what you tell her, and won’t even make eye contact. Reading about this, it is a characteristic of Vizslas and something many of them do. There is so far nothing we can really do to make her listen – we just have to wait it out. It normally happens for a few hours in the day, once a month or so.

Potty training: This was fairly quick for Ruby. We did it by taking her outside to the toilet once an hour for the first two weeks we had her. If she went to the toilet outside, it was treats and praise! We never told her off for going in the house, either – she wouldn’t have known what we were telling her off for if we found it even a few minutes after she had dome something indoors. Soon, she would go to the back door to go to the toilet. The first time she did this we again gave her a treat and lots of praise. She quickly started doing this all the time. The most important thing I think is not to shout at the dog for going indoors. It won’t help train them, just scare them!