Dog’s name: SweetPea

Location: Ocean Springs, Mississippi

General obedience: In general, he is obedient. However, he was never trained to wear a leash and we wish we had trained him on the leash. Therefore, when we take him for walks outside of our yard, we go down a path in the woods. He is able to run free and loves it! When we call him to come back into the yard, he doesn’t always come immediately. However, if you say, “Want a cookie, SweetPea?” or if you rattle the gate (as if you’re going to close it), he runs back into the yard as if his tail is on fire! Mission accomplished! We think he is a quick learner. He can be stubborn sometimes, but he is extremely loveable!

Potty training: When he was a puppy, he was an inside dog and we kept newspapers down for him to use the bathroom on. He learned very quickly and we never had a problem with him doing his business anywhere but on the newspapers. As he started to grow, we started letting him go outside to do his business. We stayed with him and then brought him back in the house.