Dog’s name: Chance

Location: wales, uk

General obedience: Can be easily distracted but good generally. Quite stubborn of the lead

Potty training: easy, fast learner, be repetitive

Dog’s name: Kingsley & Princeton

Location: we live in Killeen, TX

General obedience: Both dogs are obedient. Kingsley a little more than Princeton. As for leash walking,I just started taking them on daily/routine walks. So they still wonder from sided to side. They do listen to commands when we walk & they are not confrontational with other approaching dogs! I’m still carrying treats to train/reward them.

Potty training: These are my Grand-D’s (short for dogs. Kingsley was not hard to house break, Yorkies are pretty quick learners. but Princeton…he was a little bit more stubborn. We used the doggie pads first & timed them for about 30 min after they ate Kingsley would go on the pad but Princeton would go on the floor long after we walk away from the area. We kept the pad in the same place & would lead them there and say the words “go potty!” at the most it took about 3 weeks til they were totally trained.

Dog’s name: Pebbles

Location: house in danbury ct

General obedience: She learned how to walk with the leash real quick.

Potty training: It is impossible to train my Yorki on potty training. When ever I come home or someone comes over she gets excited. And she then pees

Dog’s name: Lucy

Location: San Ramon CA

General obedience: She still doesn’t do the leash really well after three years, but general obedience is wonderful. If she’s off the leash, she walks right by your side. She’s very lovable and so stinking smart.

Potty training: Fairly easy. There were other dogs around to help her.

Dog’s name: Fred

Location: Wisconsin! Land of Cheese & the Green Bay Packers!

General obedience: Fred was purchased from a great breeder who spent a lot of time from the time the pups were weaned on doing some training. I got Fred when he was almost 6 months old and he was great from day one about peeing outside, but pooping has been kind of hit or miss. Fred does not like getting his feet wet and while he has no issue standing on the concrete drive and peeing just about anywhere, he much prefers grass for pooping purposes. When the grass is wet, his preference becomes my carpeted dining room. My best bet with Fred is lots of love and encouragement and praise when he poops outside and he will go weeks without an incident. I’ve just learned to live with the occasional Tootsie Roll poop in the dining room.

Something that has helped in all aspects of Fred’s training is having an older, larger dog in the household who is well-trained. Jenny, is our Black Lab and primarily my husband’s hunting dog. Fred tries to emulate everything Jenny does so anytime I want Fred to come, I call Jenny and Fred is right there. Fred learned how to sit, lay down and shake all by watching Jenny do the behaviors and copying her followed by heavy praise for both dogs.

Dog’s name: Stella

Location: chicago, IL

General obedience: never used a a leash, she rarely leaves our side. She does have an affinity for a neighbor and if she sees him she ignores us. Also she LOVES any type of paper.

Potty training: It was very hard, if she was punished she would go in the house. If she started to go downstairs in the basement we would have to run and get her.

Dog’s name: scooter

Location: USA

General obedience: He is generally obedient if he gets really exited he has a hard time listening to me but he is well trained and we can go on walks easily when walking around the neighborhood we always have him on leash cause he always gets exited walking past other dogs.

Potty training: my dog was house trained when I got him. he did well in the transition from one home to the next didnot have any problems with that issue

Dog’s name: Roxy

Location: Norfolk, VA

General obedience: She learned to beg, sit, lie down, etc. very quickly & easily as a young pup (it probably helped seeing my family’s older dog doing such things when we asked him to do so), but she has been very stubborn about walking like a polite poochie should! She still pulls on her leash while walking whenever she sees anything or anyone that interests her, which is annoying, but I love her so very much!

Potty training: She was quite easy to potty train! When I got her as a 3-month-old puppy, I took her out for a walk the second day she was in her new home with me, & she actually peed outside that very first time I walked her! I showered her with praise, hoping that’d encourage her to do the same thing the next time walked her, & sure enough, when I walked her that evening, she actually peed & pooped outside! Once again, I praised her as much as I could, & ever since then, I have carried a tiny treat with me as I walk her so I’ll have a way to instantly reward her for pooping outside! She’s lived with me for almost 2 years, & since then, she has only pottied inside a handful of times!

Dog’s name: Bailey

Location: MI, USA, Bark River,

General obedience: He is stubborn and not very lovable to others. He is very affectionate with me. I think he is smart, but he has been too spoiled.

Potty training: My dog is potty trained as long as I am home. If I leave him alone, he urinates in the house; however, he never poops in my house. If he is at someone’s house he will urinate or poop where ever he feels.

Dog’s name: Martha

Location: Cache Valley Utah

General obedience: Martha does really well with her leash walking. We generally don’t leash her when in the neighborhood because she’s good about keeping in sight, and if something scares her she knows how to get to the house again.
In general obedience, Martha could use some help. But, she did come from an abusive situation so we take what we can get. She won’t sit, but she does kind of stay, she will speak and twirl when prompted. Mostly she’s just so dang cute that she can do whatever she wants and we’ll still give her loves, since that’s mostly what she needs.

Potty training: When Martha came to us, she was already house broken, for the most part. I would say when it comes to training a dog in this area, you have to learn their cues because they do tell you when they need to go and if you ignore it, then they have accidents. Use the word “potty” or “park” (used for service animals) each time you let them out to go, for the first little while go out with them and when they do go use the word a lot and over the top praise them for going in the appropriate place. After they are mostly trained, when on walks and such still give them praise for going appropriately (which for a dog is anytime they go outside, even if it’s on the neighbors yard and you have to clean it up).

Dog’s name: coco

Location: Pasadena, California, 91104, USA

General obedience: My dog learned fairly fast, however she is out of control sometimes and barks at other dogs or people,

Potty training: It was not that difficult, and the dog learned fairly fast.

Dog’s name: Archie

Location: West Yorkshire, England.

General obedience: Archie behaves well in the house most of the time, though he tends to get a little excited when people visit, jumping up at them and barking playfully. When taken for walks, he pulls at the lead a lot, sometimes to the point of choking himself, and I have not been able to stop him barking at other dogs. However, when we get to an area where I can let him off of his lead, he responds to commands to come back if, for example, he’s barking at other dogs.

Potty training: Teaching Archie not to do his business on the carpet was difficult at first, as he didn’t understand he was doing anything wrong. I found that showing him what he’d done, and then putting him outside eventually got the message through, and he began sitting at the door when he needed to go.

Dog’s name: Addie

Location: Kentucky, USA

General obedience: My dog is pretty obedient and it was very easy for her to get used to walking on a leash. It only took a minute or so for her to get used to walking around on a leash.

Potty training: It was very difficult to potty train my dog because she was so small when she was a puppy. She learned pretty fast after she was taller than the grass so she could go outside. My tip is that if you have a small dog that you will be keeping inside, train him or her to use a litter box.